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Vietnamese Certified Translation - Birth Certificate - Giay Khai Sinh translation

Why is a Vietnamese to English certified translation of birth certificate required?

The Vietnamese birth certificate (Giay Khai Sinh) is an important document that all Vietnamese nationals who wish to immigrate to the United States of America must have. All applicants must submit a Vietnamese to English certified translation of the birth certificate to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The Vietnamese certified translation of the birth certificate is also required for schools, colleges and other public and private organizations.

Vietnamese Birth Certificate

The ministry of Justice is overall responsible for registering births. At the district/regional level, People’s committees are authorized to issue the birth certificate. Vietnamese birth certificates usually contain first, middle and last name of the child, sex of the child, date and place of birth, father’s and mother’s names, issuing authority, name and title of signing authority. The Vietnamese translation specialists at The Certified Translation company will provide further information on this.

What if an applicant does not have their Vietnamese Birth Certificate?

As per Vietnamese law, a birth certificate can be obtained by filing an application with the provincial Justice department or the local People’s Committee office where the person was born. If the child’s parents had registered the birth with the local authorities, then certified copies of the birth certificate (Ban Sao) can be issued.

If parents had not registered the birth of the child, then they can apply for late registration or re-registration of birth. The process differs from region to region.

In case a birth certificate cannot be obtained because either the records have been destroyed or the government will not issue a new one; the applicant should get a document from the registrar’s office stating this. The Department of Homeland Security, Homeland and Naturalization Service allow secondary evidence and affidavits to be submitted. These rules are covered under 8 CFR 103.2(b)(2) where it states which secondary documents are acceptable and when affidavits are required. The rule also states how to demonstrate a record is not available.

Vietnamese to English certified translation services. Our teams of professional Vietnamese to English language translators specialize in documents that are required by the United States government and other US based public and private organizations. Since we have vast experience in translating documents for US organizations like the USCIS, colleges, schools, courts, etc, we create Vietnamese certified translations of birth certificates in the format that is mandated by these organizations.

As per USCIS requirements, our Vietnamese translators will certify that the Vietnamese to English birth certificate translation is both accurate and complete. Our translators will also certify that they are competent to translate from Vietnamese to English.

Birth certificate format required by the USCIS.

State department’s Foreign Affairs Manual (FAM) specifies the format of the birth certificate translation which applicants (and their families) who want to immigrate to the USA must provide. FAM specifies the documents required and available from each country All the below information must be included in the birth certificate. It is important that the Vietnamese translation of the birth certificate contains this information.

- Applicant's full name

- Applicant’s date of birth (Month, Day and Year)

- Place of birth (City, Province/State/District/Region , Country)

- Mother’s full name (first name, middle name, last name). Initials are not accepted

- Father’s full name (first name, middle name, last name). Initials are not accepted

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